Let’s get over with flawed supplier data !

In 2017, the supplier data management is still a challenge for many organizations, regardless of their size. Some industries are more advanced on this topic: automotive & telecom has better average supplier data quality than Pharma and Retail for example, as stated in a PWC study about data [...]



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About the author

Thierry Jaffry has an extensive expertise in S2P projects working successively with Ivalua and Flucticiel software solutions and integrators. He is the man behind Simetryk.

Why Simetryk?

With many successful integrations of S2P solutions, we have come to the conclusion that managing supplier data is a big headache. Our goal is to provide a simple and efficient way to cleanse your supplier database and establish a centralized process. This is the reason why we developed Simetryk, a SIM (supplier information management) software, making supplier data management simple.